A few pressure waves to reach the 7th heaven? This is the promise of this new generation of toys for adults. More and more efficient, silent, discreet, compact, sometimes combining clitoral and vaginal stimulation, they allow to have an express pleasure in less time than it takes to say it…


Vaginal or clitoral? Who has never heard this (stupid) question? And if finally it was the same thing… or almost. The press as a whole continues to promote the belief that there are only these two types of female orgasms. That’s without counting those who are jostling each other at the gate. Clitoral, vaginal, G-spot, Deep spot, anal… The vagina, just like the penis, has many erectile tissues, some of which are concentrated in certain areas, including the famous G-spot, but not only. The deep spot fins its source deeper, near the cervix, at the bottom of the vagina. Its stimulation causes a cervical orgasm, certainly very rare but very intense. It was only at the end of the 1980s that a Malaysian doctor mentioned the existence of this erogenous zone which is in fact divided into two zones stimulated during deep intercourse: the front deep spot (on the stomach side) and the back deep spot (on the buttocks side).
The female orgasm can manifest itself in many ways. But it all comes from the clitoris… It is indeed composed of spongy and cavernous bodies… Does it remind you of anything? For a long time thought of as a small, slightly prominent area of the pubis, a sort of little button to press to activate pleasure, the clitoris is in fact an organ in its own right, much more complex than it seems, but also much more extensive than popular belief. The visible part, the most known, would represent on average only one tenth of the organ!


At first sight, the clitoris has no other function than pleasure. Although this (simplistic?) theory is contradicted by some scientists. Stimulation of the clitoris would activate the brain to cause changes in the female genital tract – including increased oxygen, vaginal lubrication, partial neutralization of acidic PH – and thus facilitate reproductive success. In short, the clitoris has not only a recreational but also a procreative function. Like its alter ego in men, the glans, it is provided with corpuscles (no, not pustules!) of pleasure also called Krause’s corpuscles. A whole program… These very sensitive receptors, which constitute the first cellular level of the nervous system, capture the variations of temperature (among others the cold) but also play a very important role in the pleasure. While the glans of the penis would have only 4000 at most, the glans of the clitoris proudly displays between 8000 and 10000 sensors. It is not surprising that some men have always sought to eliminate what they consider to be an undeniable enemy to their power. That the woman has more pleasure than them? Unthinkable. Still according to some women’s press, the clitoral orgasm would be much easier to reach than the vaginal one… Maybe simply because this pleasure is more easily « at hand ». Stimulation by friction is more direct, more accessible. But from there to declare that 95% of women would reach orgasm more easily with a clitoral caress than a vaginal one! And that vaginal orgasm would be reserved for experts…


Is the pulsating air clitoral stimulator a real sexual revolution or a masterful marketing ploy? According to the users of this sextoy, orgasm is 100% guaranteed, even several orgasms one after the other. Users are full of praise for its effects. Some have even « never experienced as much pleasure as with it » and compare it to « cunnilingus without the excess saliva ». This object is a man, then 65 years old, who imagines it after having read a study on the difficulty of women to reach orgasm. Michael Lencke knows all about tremors and shocks, as one of his inventions is an earthquake warning system. So he came up with the idea that atmospheric pressure could have an effect on the clitoris. In 2014, the famous Womanizer was born! It is based on the principle of air pressure variations. Since then, this stimulator has made small. Today all brands, including those who did not believe in the concept, manufacture on the same principle. Waterproof, minimalist, small and colorful, it sometimes tends to be a little too noisy despite the work done by the brands on this point. All are designed to offer different levels of intensity. So myth or reality? It’s impossible to say if a woman will have an orgasm with this kind of object or not. Each woman feels differently. So the best thing is to try one!


Womanizer Premium. Clitoral stimulator with patented « Pleasure Air » technology for touch-free clitoral stimulation. 12 intensity levels. Smart Silence technology: the toy only works when in contact with the skin. Autopilot mode: the 12 intensity levels vary randomly. 4 hours autonomy. Water resistant (IPX 7). 189€.

Curvy 1 + Satisfyer in biocompatible silicone. Clitoral stimulator by pulsed air. 11 vibration wave programs + 11 vibration programs. Silent mode. Infinite variety of programs thanks to the Satisfyer Connect application that allows you to create personalized rhythms and transform music or words into vibration thanks to Amblent Sound and Music Vibes. 49,95 €.