Tanning, waxing, smoothing, manicure… Nothing escapes the fairy fingers of the Institut Loreline team. A unique place of beauty and well-being where the beauty of women (and men) is worked on with a certain holistic approach.


Need to recover some color in the gray of autumn, to perfectly smooth rebellious locks and untamed frizz, to have chrome nickel hands for a job interview or a first date or to get back in shape after baby? Loreline Institute is the holy savior you need to de-stress, disconnect and come out sublimated from head to toe. At the helm is Aurélie Verheijen. A former client, she fell in love with this magical place that she took over in January 2021 but whose inauguration only took place on October 21. Some work has been done to refine the cocooning spirit of the place. White marble is omnipresent in the hairdressing area. The main room is spacious and very bright. A few touches of gold, far from being flashy, are diffused here and there to give a chic and precious aestheticism, but above all a discreetly Art Deco spirit that the powdered pink seats reinforce. The institute has two floors. On the first floor, everything that concerns hair and nails. On the second floor, body care. In the tanning room, the atmosphere is more subdued, darker, in shades of navy, enhanced by touches of light and gold. The treatment room, on the other hand, is decorated in white and powder pink.


The list of services offered by the institute is impressive, ranging from simple hair removal to lymphatic drainage, including hair extensions or straightening, whether Brazilian or Korean… And at prices that defy all competition. But the core business of this institute is based on three areas. Hairstyling with premium quality hair extensions but also the Shaded Hair, in other words the color gradient (between 200€ and 240€ depending on the length of the hair), which consists of a hair coloring with a very subtle and natural result. Sublime! This very fashionable technique uses « crimping » of the strands, which consists of bringing up the product after depositing it on the ends. Another key technique is smoothing. The institute offers two, the Korean (from 230€) and the Brazilian (120€). The first one can only be done on natural hair free of any treatment (coloring, etc.). For clients who want a straightening without formaldehyde (the Brazilian contains barely 2% to be really effective), they will turn to the tannin straightening (120€), a very popular treatment that relaxes the hair more than it actually straightens it.


Another service, the tanning booth. Without UV and without danger, this self-tanning gives back colors to the most dull skins in a few minutes. This VersaSpa Pro booth, equipped with a new technology, is still very rare in Paris since there are only two institutes that have them. After choosing the tanning level (from 1 to 4) with the consultant, this automatic booth allows a tanning session in complete autonomy by the clients. Inside, a voice guides you through each position to adopt during the misting or drying process. The icing on the cake is that the client can choose between an immediate or gradual tanning. Between each client, this machine of the future cleans itself automatically. For a very natural effect, opt for level 1 or 2. And don’t skimp on the amount of cream on your hands and feet to protect these areas from coloring.

Loreline Beauty Institute, 105 rue Didot, 75014 Paris. Tel. 01 45 41 37 62 – 07 49 69 20 35. www.lorelineinstitut.com.